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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest. Liverpool Olympia
Photo: Shirlaine Forrest. Liverpool Olympia

Adlib is supplying lighting and sound to the current The Specials tour which sees the UK’s favourite 2 Tone and Ska revival band take their energy, politics and rocksteady beats around the country to their wide and loyal fan base.

Adlib's Simon Pettitt designed the lighting. It’s his second tour with The Specials in the LD role following a successful autumn 2014 campaign, at which point Simon was freelance before joining the award-winning Liverpool company full time in 2015.

Simon’s concept for the 2014 run was formulated after meeting with the band, where references ranged from David Byrne to Pina Bausch. The design was repackaged and refreshed for the 2016 tour, largely remaining unchanged but taking the opportunity to clean up the floor package design into cleaner lines of fixtures.

All the flown fixtures are Martin by Harman MAC Vipers, 10 Profiles and 14 Washes - Simon loves the flat-field quality of the beams and the natural white balance of the lamp as well as the the wide and consistent colour gamut. "I use open white for a lot of the show, so whatever I take has to have a good-looking source – and the Viper’s open white is my favourite”. The four Viper Washes on the Front Truss are almost exclusively used to light the gauze backdrop.

Rigged on the rolling carts - made up from Prolyte S36-PRT 3m pre-rig truss fitted with custom-made boards to facilitate the top positions - are another six Viper Profiles, together with six ProLights Solar static LED wash fixtures and 6 x Chauvet Strike 4 LED Moles hung underneath.

Simon likes the Strike 4s for their sheer brightness and the full ‘classic’ Mole effect as well as the option to fade or snap them on and off. From this well-designed expedient rig Simon can get a huge amount of variety, he explains. "I rely on timing, angle variation and pastel tones to give me options over the length of the set."

Adlib Director Phil Stoker commented, "It is great to be back working with one of the legendary bands of their time, who are still going strong. We have a great relationship with Mike Darling who trusts us to deliver on all levels for every act that he looks after and as a result we are fortunate enough to have been involved with some stunning live shows.”

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Date : 25-11-2016


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